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Universities don’t want to squeeze students but have been left with no choice

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Universities don’t want to squeeze students but have been left with no choice

I work for a Russell group university which, like the vast majority of institutions, has recently announced it will be charging the maximum £9000 p.a. tuition fee. Yet were my employer a former polytechnic propping up the rankings, the story would be the same.

The goverment claimed that these top fees would be charged only in ‘exceptional circumstances’, but already it is patently obvious it has got its sums wrong, and by a very wide margin. The funding shortfalls we are seeing now are huge even at well run institutions & have to come from somewhere, but this government has created a perfect storm for further education by seeking at the same time to drastically cut immigration by using our foreign student visa quotas as a soft target, creating a real pincer movement on funding streams.

I’m aghast David Willets continues to claim not all universities will charge the top fees. Even while doing so my employer will now have to find £20 million in non-efficiency savings (i.e. hard working staff) How on earth does he imagine others will cope? They won’t Mr Willets. They will go to the wall & your insane policy will set this country’s research back years, further damaging the economy as a result.


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