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Voluntary libraries will be unusable

Location: UK » East of England » MK
Testimony relates to: Winslow Library, MK18
Voluntary libraries will be unusable

The librarians at Winslow Library are some of the most helpful and knowledgeable people I know when it comes to matters to do with the community and culture. By staffing the library with volunteers, these bastions of local know-how will become unemployed. They will be strongly encouraged by the county council to train the new volunteers who will make the service unreliable and unpredictable.

Mr Cameron’s idea that he seems to be running with at the moment is the idea of a ‘Big Society’ where seemingly the government does jack all while the people have to run EVERYTHING for free and continue with their jobs to help stimulate the economy. I have had enough of people pandering to this man and playing along with his delusions; the reason volunteering works on a small scale is that there are usually a lot of volunteers for one position and the job isn’t very important. Imagine what is going to happen if everything is voluntarily run! Nothing would work because volunteers are some of the most unreliable people as they have no obligation to do their job as there is very little incentive for them to do so. I know this because I volunteer. I know that if I don’t feel like getting up early to help, I don’t have to and no one will reprimand me for doing so. Now it’s not because I don’t like my job, I do, but I also know that things will continue to work if I don’t turn up.

Back onto the library. If it becomes staffed with volunteers, no matter where their heart is, the service will become unpredictable and eventually unusable. I cannot bear to see that happen to my local library. I developed a fascination for reading and discovery there as a child that has continued on into my teenage life and will continue on well into my adulthood. There was no way my parents could have afforded to buy the number of books I went through as a child but the library allowed me to learn without placing a financial strain on my family. I want other children to be able to grow up in that positive environment and learn about their community from the people really ingrained into our society - our librarians.


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