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The government as declared war on every person in the low to middle classes, even though I hate the class system it serves well for this post.
Camron and his puppets have made cuts to the armed forces, the Police, Fire Service, NHS, and Civil Service and Welfare.
They have cut billions and billions in the name of austerity, yet just the other day there own independent committee gave them a pay rise which a few refused but none will publicly stop from happening, isn’t the 60 odd thousand pound they live on enough.
I admire anyone who stands up for there own rights and of others, as I admire people who stand up against the austerity measures I’ve been on a fair few in Birmingham and London.
Having said that, the few demo’s I’ve seen are just far and few between and are nowhere near enough to make a difference,
Until we stand together as a unified force in defense of our rights nothing will ever change, from anti Welfare to anti HS2 to anti hospital closure’s, you gather all groups together as one then you have a force that will be noticed.
Just my thoughts
        Thanks Craven


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