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washed up at 43

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washed up at 43

At 43 I feel i am washed up. A few years ago I decided to leave a well paid job to pursue my lifelong dream of attending college/university. I graduated last year and have been unemployed ever since. Its a never ending circle of job application/interviews and ultimately rejection…and thats even if they decide to tell me. Have been to a couple of interviews where they have decided not to tell me if I have the job..or not as the case may be, hence the unemployed status.
The cuts to me are widespread and i have spoken to fellow graduates and how they feel the cuts are affecting them, and it goes something like this “when we apply for jobs they want experience and to get experience you have to get a job” some of my friends and fellow graduates are working in part-time low paid jobs where their skills are not being untilised to their full potential. I see this generation as a lost one and when it comes to needing this generation when, and this is a big when, things improve they will not be there.

I sit all day long waiting in vain for “the job to come along” and knowing i do not have the necessary skills or experience for the job..because i cannot get the job. What is making me more and more angry is that i was convinced going to college/uni would help my job prospects and i am niw sitting with a student debt of £21k hanging over my head. What is also making me even more angry is the way in which employers treat you..i have always said recessions are an employers dream come true because they can treat people anyway they want and we as individuals will take it.

I am applying for jobs i have no hope in hell of ever getting, and im applying for jobs i can do, but do not get hear anything from employers because i do not have the experience..of which several employers have told me, so why the frick did they invite me for an interview when clearly my CV/application shows i clearly do not have what they need.

Sitting in the house all day makes me depressed and frustrated because i have the skills/eduaction and life skills employers want. I am a proud and honourable man who comes from a proud working class background who went to university for self improvement but at 43 already feel i am on the scrapheap. What is even more funny is that i am not entitled to benefits because my wife earns over the threshold and i have not paid enough NI contributions over the last 2 years…they discount that i have paid taxes and NI since i was 16 but as the nice lady explained on the phone those payments go towards my pension,,when i now have to retire at 70, bit if you are an MP and you “work” for over 5 years you are entitled to full MP pension…aint that a kick in the nuts for us “plebs”


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