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Fishiest outsourcing firms

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey is a US global management consulting firm. It has 9,000 consultants in 55 countries, and annual revenue of more than £4bn. It describes itself as a "trusted advisor to the world's leading businesses, governments and institutions".

Around the world McKinsey's methods have been criticised by experts ranging from business analysts to environmentalists, but it is its role in health policy that has come under greatest scrutiny in the UK. McKinsey helped draft both the government's £20bn "efficiency" savings and the pro-privatisation health bill, while at the same time selling consultancy services to GPs dealing with the fallout. McKinsey executives and former executives play prominent roles in the NHS regulator, Monitor, and in influential think tanks such as Cambridge Health Network, the King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust.

Jackie Ashley summed up McKinsey's influence for the Guardian: "What we are left with are the ambitious plans for the expansion of privately run provision, masterminded it seems by the management consultancy McKinsey, many of whose corporate clients will now bid for work inside the NHS. McKinsey is said to have earned nearly £14m from the government since the election, but this is a drop in the ocean compared with the business that private health organisations working with McKinsey now expect to gain."

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